Aluminium Doors
Aluminium Doors
Have you already heard about aluminum entrance doors? Aluminum doors appeared in Russia not so long ago, but in Europe they have already become a trend. Aluminum doors are innovative technologies and high quality from the best manufacturers. Why aluminum doors are so popular in Europe – we will consider in the article.
Aluminum is a common material in home improvement, furniture, windows, and decoration materials are made. In Europe, aluminum entrance doors have been very popular for a long time. They are installed in private houses and cottages.
In Europe, people value their comfort, and this is especially important when it comes to home. The door you use every day should be comfortable, aesthetic and safe. Let’s consider in detail the advantages of aluminum doors.
The most significant plus of aluminum doors. Aluminum alloys are resistant to various environmental factors.
High-quality aluminum doors are made of aviation (alloy AD31T1 GOST 22233-2001).
Avial is a hardened aluminum alloy used in aircraft construction, shipbuilding, and surface oil production structures.
What does this tell us as buyers of aluminum doors? The aircraft is in sea water for a long time and copes with the aggressive effects of salts.
Avial resists corrosion and ultraviolet rays, which means that the aluminum door will not lose its performance and original appearance.
The high corrosion resistance of aluminum is an important advantage for entrance doors that are placed on the street-house boundary. Aluminum is highly weather resistant. Humidity in the air, rains, fogs – all this does not threaten the aluminum door.
Due to the fact that the hardened aluminum alloy resists all negative environmental factors, the doors serve for a long time and do not lose their original appearance. Aluminium Doors
The lighter the door structure, the less likely it is that the doorway will deform under the weight of the door or that the front door will begin to “sag”.
Aluminum entrance doors are more flexible than steel ones. You can make an entrance door of any non-standard size, which is especially important for cottages and private houses with large doorways. Two-leaf and three-leaf doors are made of aluminum, even five meters wide and three meters high.
An aluminum door is an opportunity not to adjust the project to the door, but to choose the door to the design of your dreams. Aluminum doors are distinguished by a wide variety of design solutions – various glazing options, unusual patterns, finishes and colors.