Amazfit Neo Black Watch.

The Amazfit Neo is a real smart watch in a retro case.

The 1.2-inch screen, in the nostalgic style of the first electric watch, looks very fashionable and still allows you to take advantage of all the smart functions. Unlike most other smart watches, Amazfit Neo has the screen on all the time, yet it does not consume a lot of power.

Monumental reliability.

The 4 physical buttons add both retro and reliable operation. Sturdy plastic case and strap allow you to use the watch without worry in harsh physical activity, from jogging to hiking. Water resistance to 50m gives you the chance to track your performance even when swimming.

Complete health monitoring.

Thanks to the PPG BioTracker sensor, the Amazfit Neo can track your heart rate in real time and around the clock. It can alert the wearer when their normal heart rate limits are exceeded. The built-in PAI Health Assessment System allows you to compile a personal report on your own body and track your training progress and overall health.

Sound sleep is good rest.

In addition to analyzing and helping you exercise, Amazfit Neo lets you watch your sleep phases. It allows you to better understand your sleep patterns and adjust them as needed to get the best rest possible. With the PPG BioTracker, the watch can even track the moments when the wearer decides to sleep for a few minutes during the day.

Always up to date.

Amazfit Neo can be synchronized with the most popular apps on the phone, allowing you to receive notifications of emails, messages and alerts. Incoming call information is also available through Neo’s simple, friendly interface.

A month without charging.

In power saving mode, the watch can run for up to 30 seven days without recharging. Normal daily use allows the Amazfit Neo to hold a charge for up to 20 eight days.