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BMW 315 at a glance: the birth of a legend.

BMW 315 at a glance: the birth of a legend.

This car marked the beginning of the existence of a new model in the line of the Bavarian concern. Moreover, it must be admitted that the car fell in love with many and became a kind of worship cult due to its affordable cost and excellent driving characteristics.

The history of the BMW 315 (E21) dates back to 1975. The presentation of the Bavarian coupe of the third series took place in the summer, in June at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The car became the successor to the 2002 coupe.

There were two body modifications to choose from:

Coupe. Cabriolet.

The Bauer design studio worked on the BMW E21 project. Therefore, the car received a spectacular and memorable appearance. Namely, the swift body has harmonious proportions, and its front part is notable for a large radiator grille and round headlights.

Under the round arches there are R13 wheels, and the design of the stamped disks could be different depending on the configuration.

The interior of all BMW 315s up to 1980 was identical. It is worth noting the presence of side-view mirrors on electric drives. On models equipped with six-cylinder power plants, higher quality upholstery fabrics have been used in the cabin since 1981.

Range of gasoline engines:

1.6 liter engines with carburetor fuel injection. Power is equal to 75 and 90 horsepower. The first option is equipped with a mechanical transmission with four steps, the second with five.

Power units 1.8 liters (carburetor injection). They develop 90, 98, 105 “horses”. Together with the engines, a four-speed “mechanics”, a five-speed manual transmission, as well as a three-band “automatic” (available only with a 105-horsepower engine) work.

2.0 liter carburetor engine. The return is equal to 109 “horses”. It is aggregated by a four-stage mechanical gearbox. Injection units 2.0 liters. They give out 122 and 125 horsepower.

They work together with 5MKP, 3AKP. Power unit 2.3 liters (fuel injection system). The power is 143 strength.

A four-speed manual or an automatic three-band transmission was available to choose from.

The drive was carried out to the rear wheels. Remarkable is the fact that modifications with an injection injection system were designated by the letter i.

The suspension is made independent on both axles. Front brake system – disc, rear – drum.

Price policy.

It is extremely difficult to assess the condition of a used copy from just one photo in the ad. Considering the age of the model accord Archives – ke.4-health.store, it is better to consult an automotive expert when buying it.

Car Price (in rubles) BMW 315 (E21) from 40 thousand to 1 million.