The state, a monopoly of cash, shields this process and participants with a veil of secrecy. even the photographs are classified: the illustrations were provided by the Australian Royal Mint. we managed to look at the mint not at the entrance

Minters and.

Where are the monetary minters taught? For the most part

Despite the coin production, there are a lot of internal barriers between different workshops. a person may be engaged in minting medals, smelting alloy, or even producing badges (coins, medals – the three main areas of work of mints) for a while. It all depends here if it permits marriage, its place, which, of course, is better paid. By the way, by Soviet standards, the work of a chaser was highly paid, it remained highly paid (according to the employees themselves). So, a high-grade minter receives from rubles, and the remuneration directly depends on the plan. The highest earnings are those dealing with proof coins. bargaining chip serves the minimum participation. In the case of a high salary, secrecy is the main justification. for workers, the entrance to where the coin is produced is strictly prohibited.

It is curious that few people are kicked out and leave on their own if they find themselves in a job. “And there are slovens who say one masters of the coin. Work is a lot, sometimes skill is required, sometimes neatness, just physical strength. For example, all the work of metals – run, drag the ingots Imagine a meter-long ingot of silver that comes out of the rollers: this kind of work weighs – please, drag the ingots, but here it is appropriate. It happens that a person just does, so he works well, after that you need to adjust the hours. that’s two hours: time to mint coins. “

The temptation to make money.

Mint specialists are nowhere else in their direct specialty. Even if you know the processes of stamping in production, they are built perfectly. You can only use such skills that quite often They talk about a craftsman who, even times, stamped rubles for himself at home, minted medals at home, which he was engaged in. However, for all this you need to be able to skills rarely found in a person.

Over time, such pranks have become much more embarrassing material. waste of coin production is especially lying around, and now it has become much stricter. In addition, coin technology is too complex. The core of the coin is made of stainless alloy clad. – just to protect the coin, there is a pink stripe along the edge, – no. It is also a genuine coin magnet. protection lies which, the coin is about It is unclear why counterfeit. their monetary skills are usually used for purposes. For example, once the interlocutors broke a new TV: “I understand, I want to watch – but there is a factory seal. Well, I did the same. “

Control is appropriate.

Backyard security is a special story. Searches are, of course, a word. When you come, you need to strip naked from the locker, cross the room and put on work clothes. the end of the shift is repeated. so entered that one day he came naked, in slippers: he started talking on the way. there are metal detectors that sense precious metals, there is even nothing to wear phones: only the bosses should wear them without a camera.

Metals are monitored especially closely. Nothing except melting. – the chaser, then you answer one by one: took – returned the speech of the blanks of the sheet, there the material by weight is also by weight. “When you come, they say: 0.5 grams, go and collect. You have to pick up the crumb with your finger, which crumbles when cutting the workpiece, spread a towel so that the mint worker tells nothing.

But the rules here are softer than, say, a potential employee is tested for moral stamina, all checks last about Such rigor is understandable. says: “I was through an open door and saw a production room. the tape along which packs of one hundred ruble bills crawl. bad – the roof just went off, the women took me out. Like, look – Of course, lectures were given to the yard about the “culture of behavior of the Soviet person”, they also suggest that bills are paper, let it be paper for you. it is also a sight for the faint of heart.

At first glance, taking away a large bill is easier than collecting a thousand rubles in dimes. the ruble coins are poured after minting, pieces are placed, and the amount is even larger in the container. the sealed bag, which is taken away, is a five-ruble deposit, but the temptation remains, although once the thief was caught for a long time. tells a witness to that story: in the 90s, one comrade worked in an incomprehensible way and took out a bag of coins. Brought home, put it near the trash can. his wife collected a ruble to exchange and brings all the coins of one year, clean, just issued. They came and found money. Naturally, he was kicked out and taken back. “

Annealing, holting, proof.